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Tori Black On The Set of
Reality Blue's Superstar Showdown

Tori Black on the set of Superstar Showdown Image Courtesy of Michael Saint

We are here on the set of Superstar Showdown with Ms. Tori Black who is, of course, one of the "superstars" in the showdown along with "Ms. Big Booty" as you like to call her.

Tori Black – Ms. Big Booty, one of my girlfriends Alexis Texas. She is also a really good friend of mine so it is fun because it is more of a friendly competition. If it was someone I was not actually friends with then it might be more of a real competition. Which would be weird because I don't like to compete like that. But since we are such good friends this is going to be a fun competition.

I did notice during the stare down yesterday she might have had the edge there because you kept cracking a smile when she stared at you.

Tori Black – She was staring at me like competitive and I was staring at her like "I want to fuck the shit out of her" so of course I am going to crack a smile. It was my "I am going to fuck you stupid" smile.

I talked to her about this briefly but are you guys still working on the director put the Alexis Texas / Tori Black girl-girl scene in this movie?

Tori Black – Yes, I really want to bone her and it is really a tease to have her here all the time around me and I can't fuck her because I am fucking other people. I just REALLY want to bone her. So we are trying to get a little finale in there.

You each have to do a girl-girl scene as part of this competition. Do you think they could have found smaller women (Melanie and Valerie Rios) for you two to work with?

Tori Black – NO, oh my goodness, I think the theory was that they wanted to see us DOM some girl because they wanted to see us compete against some girls that would let us take over so you could see us really doing our thing. If you had girls that were going to fuck us back, for example a Jesse Jane, she is small but she will fuck you back, if we had that you would see her's and mine skills. You would see both of us. As apposed to these two girls who are very, very timid so you are going to see us just ravage these girls. So I think that was the theory behind that.

Do you know which one you have?

Tori Black – I think I am working with Melanie Rios.

Yesterday on set Monique Alexander said she was here to "learn a few things" and your response was "Damn straight bitches". If a girl could learn something from you sexually what skill do you think they should learn?

Tori Black – Confidence. Confidence is #1 and paying attention. Those are the two things that are #1 in my sexuality. If you are confident in yourself… a lot of girls because there is a lot of pressure on women to look a certain way when they are fucking they are thinking about that to as apposed to just focusing on fucking. Once you get to the fucking no one cares what you look like. I mean the camera does but the guy you are working with is focused on the energy, how you touch him, how you play with him. Really the most important thing to do it pay attention to the little things that make him twitch. Pay attention to the look in your eye. Pay attention to the energy you are giving him and I think if girls learned that a little more they would find that they could just dominate the hell out of a guy. Because guys just follow their cocks, that is true, so if you figure out how to master the mind then you master the cock and you win.

You just did a blow-job scene with Marco. What was it that made Marco twitch?

Tori Black – There are a few things that I know Marco likes… well Marco is easy because Marco likes everything. Marco likes contact so for example when I went into the 69 he feels closer. He really likes the facial contact as well. He likes intimacy. So if I am far away from him and he is not touching me he gets turned off a little so you have to work a little harder. Which is why you jerk a little faster, you squeeze a little stronger. But he likes our chemistry. A big thing for him is that because we have worked together before the intimacy is there.

While I was doing research for this interview I came across a little thing on YouTube about how to pick up a pornstar using Twitter.

Tori Black – Oh my gosh. Well here is the deal with that situation. They had asked me how to pick up a pornstar in general and I looked at them like… Really? Well we are all still females, so we all like something different so you can't generalize like that but if you would how could you start. So the fans that I do talk to, because there are a few people I do talk to outside of work. One fan in particular, he is more of a friend now. So I was like how did I start talking to him. How was I more interested in talking to him more than I was talking to my other fans and the place that we started talking more was on twitter. Then it moved to e-mail, then it moved to Skype and then we started talking on the phone so it kind of upgraded. But you know there is really no way… come to porn valley and stalk them, no that is not a good way so I was really racking my brain on how would you start. And Twitter was the only thing that popped into my head. So that is how that interview came about. Someone even said "You were just trying to get more followers on Twitter" and I was like well I was not trying to but I guess I do now so…

Also on YouTube I found something I was hoping you could explain. What is the difference between being really drunk and "dick drunk".

Tori Black – Well for me there is not a whole lot of difference. For me "dick drunk" is just when you have had some really REALLY good dick but I can be pussy drunk to. So if I have gotten fucked really good… really it is when you have come off a really good orgasm or really good chemistry with somebody and you just really used all your energy and just fucked the shit out of each other you kind of… your brain is all fuzzy and everything is loopy, you have a big ol' smile on your face. I think it is almost like being drunk which is why I call it being "dick drunk" or "pussy drunk".

When I researched this I could only find one other time you had worked with Vouyer before this?

Tori Black – I think I have worked with them a little more than that. There has not been a lot of stuff I have done for Vouyer so I would have to really rack my brain to come up with all the shoots I have done for them. I recently did a girl-girl shoot for them with Roxanne Hall. That was the most recent one I have done for them but I am pretty certain I have done… I have done a masturbation for them before. I don't recall the title but I know I am on the cover of the box (Self Service #2). So I know there is other stuff I have done but I have shot a lot of movies so it is hard for me to remember all of them. I have not shot for them a lot but this is probably the third or fourth time.

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