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Tori Black On The Set of
Reality Blue's Superstar Showdown

Tori Black on the set of Superstar Showdown Image Courtesy of Michael Saint

I also noticed that you said you were going to be directing for your own website.

Tori Black – Well of course because it is my website.

What can your fans expect to see on your website?

Tori Black – You just get more of look into my sexuality. The performers I work with are either friends of mine I really want to fuck or girls/guys in the business that I really want to fuck. I mean… it is funny Alexis and I were just talking. We pay the performers just like a director would and I am like "If I am going to pay you to fuck me then I had better want to fuck you". So all the people that I pick are people that I really want to work with. So I kind of like the spin on the scene or the energy because different companies have different ways they want you to fuck and positions, different things they want you to do  but I am the company so I get to fuck how I want to fuck. And nobody gets to tell me I need to open up because if I don't open up then it if for my site if you know what I mean. So my fans can expect to see the real raw deal, this is what I like to do. Of course I am going to be opening up. You are going to see what you want to see. I am going to show you the goods BUT it is more about how I want to do it. The feel, the people. Things I haven't tried before.  Not necessarily… My DP is coming up, not necessarily like that but more so… People don't make me fetishy a lot so I am like what happens if I have somebody put me on a leash and all of a sudden I am playing their little bitch for the day. Nobody ever does that to me. There are things that people just don't shoot me for because for whatever reason my market is something different. So I want to do the things that people don't put me in. You don't want to make me your bitch, I will make me your bitch. That is pretty much what you can expect from my site. Not to mention if I get requests for things like that I like to make people happy. So if someone goes I really want to see you as a Flight Attendant, or I really want to see where a guy and a girl DOM you, or things like that I am totally open… well there are some lines I just won't cross, but I am totally open for ideas so let's play with my sexuality together.

You also have done some web chats recently through your website. How did that go?

Tori Black – I do as many as I can. My schedule is really hectic so I try to get them in when I can. My web chats have been going really well. They are about an hour long and I usually spend the first half of the show talking to my fans. Because I know a lot of people want to get to know me to not just see me get off. You could watch of videos to see me get off so for the live stuff I like to interact with people because that is really a good chance for you to ask me questions or say "Hi how was your day". Just act like normal people because that is what we are, we are normal people so let's just have a conversation. And I am always down to masturbate so that is how I usually wrap up my shows. My shows go really well I have got some really great fans out there who love to chat with me and are there every time I come on. It is fun.

One of the interviews I saw you said you would really love it if you could lick yourself. Is that something you have been working on?

Tori Black – Uh NO! I would just love it if I could lick myself just because I love to have my pussy licked. And for the times… the very few times… I am home alone and want to fuck somebody and can't, which doesn't happen very often, it would be nice if I could lick it. I would. It tastes good, I know that. I taste it off cock and everything all the time. My shit tastes good. I don't mind.

When I first interviewed you back when you were brand new to the business you said that anal was not going to be something you were going to do…

Tori Black – Well I had never done it before I got into porn. Personal life or anything.

Then I saw an interview with you after what I think was one of your very first anal scenes and you were just like "oh my God I just totally lost myself. I think I drooled all over myself." How did you cross that threshold to become the anal lover that you are now?

Tori Black – Well you know really I was just afraid. There are a lot of things that I am afraid of and I just had to really let that go. I was like listen this is a sensation that a lot of people are telling me is something that I should want to experience. And I let myself go at home with somebody I was very comfortable with and we just worked up to it. As soon as I started feeling that sensation going on from something in my ass I just went crazy. I was like "oh my God that is really REALLY good". So all of the sudden I started wanting it more and more. That was when I was like "oh my God everybody has to see me do this. You have got to watch this shit".  I go crazy. My anal scene is entirely different then my regular scene because my regular scene, I love it, but I have more pussy control then I do ass control. As soon as you are in my ass I have no control over what I do. I tell directors all the time "Listen as soon as there is a cock in my ass I might want to listen to you and pay attention to you but my mind is gone".  Like I am just totally full body high. I loose myself. I can't "perform" you are just going to see me fuck. There is no performance I just loose all control. Like maybe when I fuck regular usually I am losing control but there is some element of "I am going to dominate you".  My mind is still there so I am mind fucking still. When it comes to anal my mind fucking skills are gone, just GONE. So you see me like… my whole body is covered in goose bumps I can't breath and I am hyperventilating and cumming like crazy. My eyes are rolling into the back of my head so Tori Black taking it in the ass looks entirely different then Tori Black taking it in the pussy. So I can't wait to see what happens when I do my DP because I have never done one before so you are going to see that first experience.

Feature Dancing, you have started doing that. How is it going?

Tori Black – Feature dancing is amazing. I love to do it because I am an exhibitionist myself. I love it when people watch me and when I do my teases and stuff like that on camera I imagine all the people watching me. I imagine their faces and stuff like that gets me off but when I am live on stage I can see all your faces so I just start to go crazy. I have a hard time when I am not supposed to get all the way naked at certain clubs, you know what I mean? Because some clubs are topless only or they want full bottom panties, like my next gig is at the Penthouse Club in Houston and they want me to wear full bottom panties and have nipple covers and I was like… Oh my God, I am going to have the hardest time not getting butt ass'd naked because I love to be a tease. So my shows are get naked, get horny, shake my ass, then come down and have a drink with my fans. When I go on the road it is so relaxed. My roadie is really awesome, he is a good friend of mine so there is never any drama. It is totally just like a good time. I feel like I am going to a party. When I am up on stage it is not like work it is just enjoying myself and part of the party. So I have a really good time when I go on the road.

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