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Sasha Grey - Fuck Junkie

Sasha Grey at the 2007 Adult Entertainment Expo for Evil Angel

Explain the following quote:

Sex in front of thousands, possibly millions of people. I am a BIT of an exhibitionist.

Isn't the "bit' part a little bit of an understatement?

Sasha Grey - YES! :)  Yes "bit" is an understatement. I am a true exhibitionist. I love having sex and I love having people enjoy watching me. When I am actually performing and there is a camera there it makes it that much more intense.

Your reaction to a question about porn being degrading to women and promoting misogyny was:

I think it is ridiculous. This comes from usually men who are controlling husbands and beat their wives that say this type of stuff. They are men that have abusive sex that is not cathartic nor is it consensual. These are usually the type of people that are hypocrites and religious people. These are the same people that will be the first to see the latest action movie or the first to raise their fist when America kills a terrorist. Violence is porn. What is their definition of pornography? It is not just sex. I haven't yet experienced how porn is degrading to me personally. Yes, sex can be violent but not all pornography is sex. In my mind, these people are watching pornography. These people are supporting and getting aroused by violent acts that are inhumane. These same people that are judging me and my fellow coworkers and the porn industry as a whole they are doing the same thing in my eyes. We could go back and forth on this topic all day.

How is your characterization of those people different from their characterization of women in porn as victims?

Sasha Grey - Well it is not much different. I remember when that question was asked I was very upset. And yes maybe I came back in a way I should not have but it is still a valid point. I can just plainly say that violence is also pornography. Pornography does not only mean sex or the act of showing sex. Pornography can mean many things and I don't think that somebody should be judged for what they love to do and for what is a natural thing for humans. It is a natural thing and I don't yell at the sky when it rains. 

Why should people not feel sorry for you?

Sasha Grey - People should not feel sorry for me because I know what I am doing. I have reasons for what I am doing. I enjoy what I do. Nobody is manipulating me. Nobody is making me do things I do not want to do. I am a strong capable woman and I know why I do this. It is not something I pushed into doing.

How are they supposed to know that you are not a victim?

Sasha Grey - They should read to this interview. You can also see it in my films. I am asking for it. I ask to be slapped and I slap back. And since I am a switch I really get into that.

How would you respond to the generic statement that 18 year olds should not be allowed to come into this industry. That they are too young to fully understand the long term effects of this decision?

Sasha Grey - For a large part I do believe that statement is true. There are a lot of people who do this strictly for the money. They are lost and are very self-concious people and before a woman gets into this business she should know that it is a very competitive business. People can squeeze you up like a piece of fruit and throw you out the window. It can be very emotional, it can be very psychological. It is something that you have to be capable you have to be prepared for anything that is going to be thrown at you. You have to be like a judge. You have to be able to stand on your own. And you are a sexual athlete as well. You are not just having the kind of sex you have at home on a Friday night with your boyfriend. You have to do things that most people wouldn't do.

How do you feel about the following answer to whether or not porn is degrading to the performer:

It is not what you do but how you feel about what you do. If I am doing this even though I do not want to and I feel it is wrong then I am allowing myself to be degraded.

Sasha Grey - Yeah if you feel like shit when it is being done and you do not like to feel like shit; because I like to feel like shit sometimes, I like to be talked down to, to be slapped, to be rough housed. Just like animals in the wilderness they tumble, they wrestle and it is almost sexual as well. But if a person does not like that then yes I feel they are being degraded. And that is a problem. If you are in this industry you should be to stand up for yourself. ESPECIALLY if you are a woman.

How is porn "performance art"?

Sasha Grey - Porn is performance art because, like I said, you are a sexual athlete. You are not having regular sex that most people would have at home. You have to perform an audience. You have to perform for the director. It is a way to expose your sexuality and to expose the individualism you have as a sexual being. And in some cases people can make interesting porn. Which can be more then just fucking on film. It can be interesting as well.

Why should a porn star care about her fans? Does it really matter?

Sasha Grey - Because that is who keeps you there. That is who keeps you in demand.

Do you like the idea of "sucking strange cock" to use a quote from one of your movies?

Sasha Grey - Yes, it was from In Thru the Back Door. That was actually a line that was fed to me but I do enjoy it. When I have to work with someone I have not worked with before that keeps the excitement going.

Which means the whole "glory hole" thing would be something you are interested in.

Sasha Grey - Oh yes I would. I would LOVE to do that. Glory Holes and Buakke are two things I want to do that I have not done. I would love to do a Gokkun to just to see how much I could take. It is always the challenge for me.

How much of your interaction with Rocco in Fashionistas Safado was scripted and how much of it just happened?

Sasha Grey - It all happened. As I remember everybody was in the room and all John said was I want some foreplay, oral and that is about it. There was a few people standing and a few people sitting down and I remember Rocco had a line to say to Flower and Adrianna and then he came to me and it was basically an ad lib about my outfit and if I liked the show. Then we went straight into the blow job. We also fucked but that was so quick it actually was not on camera because that was not the  time or the place for that in that part of the movie.

Did you ever get to have sex with Rocco while you were over there?

Sasha Grey - Yes for about 3 minutes and then John told him no that he had to save it. Fortunately it was not long enough.

What did you think of the scene now that you have seen it on film?

Sasha Grey - I actually got annoyed at myself. I was SO loud. Tricia actually told me I broke the audio out at one point I was screaming so much. I was like, "what were you thinking". But like I said in another interview that scene is different then any scene I have done since because I did not go in fully mentally prepared because I had not done a scene yet. So you can't really think about how you are going to do it since it was all fresh and new to me.

How do you prepare for a scene like the one in Fuck Slaves?

Sasha Grey - That was a LONG day. But scenes like Fuck Slaves, I always warm up anally and vaginally for about 20 minutes before a scene. I have actually been cut before because I did not warm up before had and I do not enjoy that at all. I douche and enema before a scene as well as the night before. Some people just like to clean out the first 10 inches but I like to be fully clean. I do aformations before a scene as well. It kinds of helps me get ready for a scene.

Now for those who do not know...aformations?

Sasha Grey - I either talk to myself in the mirror or internalize and it is just kind of to get yourself up and get yourself ready. As many have seen at the end of Boogie Nights or in Raging Bull it is just to get yourself psyched up. Like footballs players before the game it works for me to get me ready. Especially my libido.

In the beginning of Fuck Slaves you said she told you to drive there naked. Have you ever actually done that?

Sasha Grey - Once, besides that movie. 

Was that milk you used for the enema in Fuck Slaves?

Sasha Grey - Yes that was.

Was that the first time you had ever done anything like that?

Sasha Grey - Actually I had done one for Fetish Fanatic 4 but I just squirted it out. Nobody drank it. I had done things like that in my personal life as well.

Is that something you enjoy?

Sasha Grey - I do enjoy it. It is "dirty" and it is not shit so it is safe.

Why milk?

Sasha Grey - I think because it looks like cum. And also because it is so white it contrasts well against different skin tones.

So there is no hygenic reason why milk?

Sasha Grey - Not that I know of. I know you can't use beer but you can use wine. You have to be really careful though because you can get really drunk that way.

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