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Adrianna Nicole - Beautiful Submissive

Adrianna Nicole at 2007 Adult Entertainment Expo First impressions are not always the best ones. The first time I saw Adrianna perform was in Slave Dolls for (Elegant Angel). I thought she was lovely but I wondered why she was in the movie since her scene did not really go with the others. I figured it was because the director had wanted to use her but that she did not perform in the type of scenes Slave Dolls was about.

The next time I saw her was in Fashionistas Safado the Challenge at the opening of the orgy scene. Here was this beautiful blonde who kept telling Rocco to pull her nipples harder and he was not taking it easy on her to begin with. After that I quickly did a little research and found out as much about her as I could. It was then that I learned she was the woman from Slave Dolls whom I had thought did not belong in that movie. I could not have been more wrong.

Adrianna's first foray into adult came while she was working as a sales clerk in a fetish store. A photographer approached her in 2002 about doing some modeling for him and she accepted. The modeling quickly turned into fetish work and then in 2005 she made her jump into full on boy-girl work in adult films.

I would like to thank Adrianna for taking the time to sit down and talk to me. As well as Mark Spiegler (Speigler's Girls) and Karen Stagliano (Evil Angel Productions) for helping make this possible.

How did you decide you wanted to be a mud wrestler at age 5?

Adrianna - **she laughs** You know I just thought it was really hot actually. I saw it on TV when I was 5 years old. I do not think I actually knew the word sexy but I was like "WOW, that is really cool". I just thought it looked excellent. Other silly things I used to do as a kid was my little female cousin and I would play hookers. We would not play house we would play hookers and we would pretend pay each other for sex. I mean it was not real sex or anything we just thought it was really cool. When I was in high school I had a fake id not to buy beer or cigarettes but to buy porn. The first porn I ever bought was actually New Wave Hookers 2.

What was it about that first photographer that made you say yes?

Adrianna - Because at the time I was coming out of a relationship I did not really think ...I was not really convinced I was attractive so I was like maybe if I do this I will have some photographic evidence that I am attractive. Posed pictures always feel very strange to me and kind of like an uncomfortable thing. But unconventional ones seem much more real to me and I found I like them. I am still not very comfortable in front of the camera though.

Tell me about your tattoos. Do you like the sensation?

Adrianna - Yeah! I love the sensation. That is part of it and I would probably have many more if it was not for what I do. But at the same time when I got the tattoos I was not thinking I would be taking my clothes off for money and so they were all very personal type things and not a thing where I show them off by like wearing a skirt or something. I am normally a pants type girl so you just do not seem them. I think had I known I would have waited and not had any tattoos but at the same time I want to get more some day.

How did all this start with choking?

Adrianna - I do not quite know how all this started with choking. I remember asking boyfriends to do it and yet still be a little scared that they are going to hurt me somehow. I am not quite sure where that began.

How can you say anal sex is under utilized in today's adult industry?

Adrianna - Have I said that? I guess probably what I meant by that is that I do not prefer having vaginal sex a lot. The other day during my scene where I was getting fucked in the ass and the other girl was getting fucked in the ass and the pussy. She said something about my ass being fucked and I said no that is my pussy. Vaginal sex is not very pleasurable for me so I am always hoping that it will just be anal.

Do you like guys cumming in your hair?

Adrianna - Sure. Yeah I do not mind guys cumming in my hair at all. Of course it does mean that I have to wash it but yeah I do not mind that.

What is it about the "intensity" of rough scenes?

Adrianna - I do not know. I guess it is like sparing or like some sort of dance. It is just more intense feelings. That is more pleasurable and exciting to me.

In your Adult DVD Talk pod cast you talked about some work you did for a web site that was really intense and where you had a lot of fun but you say that you would never do it again. Why?

Adrianna - That is something I attribute to a very not good time in my life and led me to going to work for those sites and the grief I was given afterwards for performing on those sites. So it has nothing really to do with anything other then a personal relationship I was in at a time.

What is your "list" like?

Adrianna - There are a couple of performers I have on my "no" list. Those are performers whom I have worked with before but do not feel the need to work with again. There are basically two types of male performers. Those that really love women and those that have issues from their childhood. So the ones from my list are the ones that tend to have those issues and bring them to set. I tend to like men who like women and who like sex. I would not be here if I did not like sex and want to be here so I do not understand people who are doing it yet still do not like sex.

Explain the quote "you do not have to date this person"

Adrianna - Oh that is excellent. I feel like I am a shy person where I do not come up to people and say hi so for me one of the really cool things about the type of work I do is that I get to fuck a lot of people and I do not have to date them. I do not have to talk to them or even say hello to them or feel any obligation to call them the next morning. So it is really great for me.

What was it like doing a cold reading for John Stagliano?

Adrianna - It was really nerve racking. My body temperature probably really went up and I am pale so I am sure I was really red. But I really wanted to work on the project. I was really nervous about meeting him. I do not know that I feel that way about people normally but it is like you live in LA and you see celebrities and you go whatever. I am not interested in getting their autograph or talking to them but being in front of John was almost like the same type of nervousness I feel going up on stage and talking in front of a large group of people.

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