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Devinn Lane 2003 AEE

What is S/M and B&D and are they the same thing?

Devinn Lane - For those of you that don't know S/M is Sadomasochism and B&D is Bondage and Discipline and they are not the same thing. They are very different. They have some similarities but there are different areas of each?

How is S&M different from abuse and how can you tell the difference?

Devinn Lane - It is always consensual so therefore it is never abuse. What one person may consider abusive another person may consider stimulating. It is really up to the participants to decide what is abusive and what is not. They set their own limitations.

Are you dominate or submissive?

Devinn Lane - I am predominately dominate.

I read that no one is ever really totally dominate or submissive no matter what they may say. Do you agree with that statement?

Devinn Lane - Absolutely


Devinn Lane - Because everyone needs a break and everyone likes to be on the bottom. Even the best tops like to be on the bottom. I have noticed for most dominate people it is either the mood they are in or a matter of trust. It usually falls into one of those two categories for people they are willing to be submissive to.

I was surprised to hear that there are more submissive's in the world then dominates. Do you think that is a true statement?

Devinn Lane - It is a true statement.


Devinn Lane - Because there are a lot of submissive's that like to top from the bottom. So it takes a really good experienced Dom to handle submissive's that like to try to top from the bottom. Most people are into receiving the sensations then they are not into giving the sensations.

We already talked about it briefly but what is switching?

Devinn Lane - Switching is when people like to be both a dominate and a submissive. They are their own little group in the community as well.

Is it pretty common for people to like to switch?

Devinn Lane - It is pretty common yeah.

While I was doing some research I came across some statements that I would like to get your opinion on. The first one is:

"There is no such thing as risk free S&M."

Devinn Lane - I would agree with that based on not the physicality of it all but the emotional state of the person. Because you could be injuring someone physically or you could be injuring someone emotionally. I would hope that people are responsible enough to talk to their partners before engaging in any S&M activity.

"Our society is so patriarchal that women can not validly consent to S&M."

Devinn Lane - I disagree.


Devinn Lane - Because there are a lot of women that like a lot of rough sex and that is totally consensual. There are a lot of things that I like to do that I can't show in my Wicked movies because it is against their rules. So even though it may be my thing it is not their thing.

"N.O.W.'s official position is that S&M is inherently incompatible with women's interests."

Devinn Lane - I disagree.

If someone came up to you and asked for you advice on how to incorporate choking into their play what would you tell them?

Devinn Lane - Choking can be a very dangerous game. It can also be a very erotic game. There have been many people, many famous people who have died from auto-erotic asphyxiation. I would not recommend using any tools. I would say to only use your hands. You also don't need to apply pressure to the entire neck you only need to apply pressure to a certain point in the neck. And that is by spreading the fingers and thumb apart and then is hard to describe in an interview because you have to see it but I would recommend people be very careful with choking.

What is physiological bondage?

Devinn Lane - It is when you basically crawl into someone's head and tie them down in their head.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Devinn Lane - It depends. Everything with S&M and B&D can not can't say "There is no such thing as risk free S&M". That can be true statement and that can be a false statement. Everything with B&D and S&M is based on the individual people involved. You have to have quite a bit of knowledge of the other person that you are playing with.

Why is it that verbal domination can be more dangerous to the submissive then physical domination?

Devinn Lane - Really good question. Because verbal can tap into the emotion of the person. It can tap into a really bad head space. The physical is really something different. It is almost like a battered wife. You can get over the physical part of it but if you verbally abuse somebody that can scar them a lot deeper than the physical.

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