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Carmen Hart on the set of Fired

Carmen Hart of the Set of Fired for Wicked Pictures

Let's talk about Berlin.

Carmen Hart - It was actually really good because I had been in Cannes and Paris for about 12 days and was at my wits end. I met jessica and Steve O in Paris and whenever we get togther and travel it is always so much fun because we go to dinner and hang out together. Steve O is a lot funnier then people give him credit for.

Was it a successful trip for you?

Carmen Hart - I got to see some things. There was one day where I went to the Effiel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe so that was good. Then I went to see the Moulin Rouge, which I was really excited. I kind of dragged my chaparone around with me because he did not want to go. That was about the most productive thing I did in Paris cause at least I got to see some things. Everything else was just in my hotel room for the first two days since the photo shoot was not until the third day. And it was just extremely exhausting when everything on TV is in French except CNN so I got tired of seeing the same repeated news and all I could do was listen to music on my iPod. Before that I was in Cannes and we were at a convention for 5 days and I thought that was a lot of fun. We meet a lot of people and made a lot of business contacts actually got to enjoy Canne. I actually enjoyed Canne a lot more than I enjoyed Paris but I think that had more to do with the people I was around. As apposed to not being around anyone and being miserable. I am sure if I had went just for vacation with family and friends I would have had a lot more fun. Francois, our lovely trusty, cameraman was the one who educated me on Canne and Paris anyway and that is why I looked for some of the things I did but he should have been with me.

Did you win an award while you were there?

Carmen Hart - I FORGOT ABOUT THAT! You know, it is sad, this is the funny thing. Okay, so me and jessica and Steve O are all at the table and I find out I am nominated for Best INternational New Comer and I am like, WOW. That is like Best New Starlet but all over the world. jessica won Best Actress last year and we got there this year and we were like "we are not going to win anything this year". Mobster's Ball was nominated for Best US Release, and it is a good movie but I just could not see it winning against the competitors but we were sitting at the table and my award was like third to last and we were sitting there and we had some wine but Steve O was warning us not to drink too much in case we had to go up on stage. But I was like "whatever". So jessica says at least see your name up there. At least see your name on the screen. I was the last nominee listed and as they were reading the results jessica and I put our wine to our lips and say GO because we are going to leave right after this and they go "the winner is Carmen Hart". My mouth full of wine just goes all over the white table cloth and the spot light comes down and shines on me and I just have this Scooby Doo look on my face like "WHAT?" And jessica is looking at me and clapping. And Steve O is yelling at me to go onto stage. So I get up and I walk up there and I am just WOW! I guess when you don't expect to win things it is more of a bonus. Then when you go, I deserve this kind of thing. I mean sometimes we do not always get what we deserve but I mean I know that all around I am a great performer and I have done so manhy more things for which I would deserve something like that but to be recognized, not only in the US, but to go to Germany and win an award on an international level I was shocked and amazed. And I am truly grateful.

We are on the set of "Fired" tell me about the movie.

Carmen Hart - So far it is the first day and I already have one sex scene in the bag with T.J. Cummings, he is amazing. However, this is my first time working with Jonathan Morgan on a feature that is mine. I have done cameo roles where I have done comedy things for him, BTW note the movie NEXT that is coming out that he directed there is a cameo role of me in it that is a one take wonder. Completely the whole thing is not edited. He let me ad lib it and the thing is absolutley hilarious. So this is my first medium feature with him. Everyone at Wicked calls me the Lucille Ball of Wicked Pictures because I am very funny. Camera roles and you tell me what to do and I just like to have fun. Well he wrote this script and it is like an "I Love Lucy" kind of thing except it is based on me being fired from every type of job I attempt. We have got I am going to be throwed up on, a copy machine is going to be blasted in my face, my hair is going to be like I stuck my finger in a socket. There is just going to be so many things and it is going to be hilarious. He likes to call it a sleeper because no one is going to expect it but when it comes up and everyone watches it, even though it is a small movie, it will be like Fluff and Fold.

Do your directors normally have to tell you "There will be none of that. There will be no sex until I say there is sex."

Carmen Hart - Maybe Brad Armstrong has done that once before. I have been caught once or twice playing around when I provbably should have been working. But I am thinking if we are already there and we are going to be screwing in 5 mintues what is the big deal. None

Do you think the crew minds you walking around the set naked holdling your clothes?

Carmen Hart - No I prefer it that way. I usually have a robe but I


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