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jessica drake - A Collector’s Dream

jessica drake 2004 Erotica LA

Tell me about your projects.

jessica drake - I have just finished two huge movies. One of them was for Michael Raven and it is called Highway. It starred myself and Stormy and it is kind of a Thelma and Louise story. We are waitress's at a small diner in a small town and she has dated someone who turns out to be a thug. He has stolen some money and he has it hidden some where. I catch my boyfriend cheating on me so we go on this wild adventure to find it. Encountering Evan's character Billy along the way. Who is a thug in his own right. It is just a really action packed movie. We shot it out in the desert in Lancaster, well farther than that. It was so far of a drive that we just slept out there in a hotel. It was a whole lot of fun. I had a scene with Stormy in it and I had a scene with Evan in it.

jessica drake - I also just shot a movie called Fluff and Fold. I had gone to Brad probably about 6 months ago and told him that when I was in high school..or college as the case may be. I had dated a guy and we had sex in the laundry room of his apartment complex. So Brad wrote this amazing script called Fluff and Fold. And gave me an amazing movie. It is incredible. In it I play a character named Christine who has a loser boyfriend played by Cris Cannon who I have sex with in the beginning of the movie and then promptly dump. Then I meet up with Scott who is played by Brad Armstrong in the laundry mat on laundry day. He sees me and has a little crush on me and I see him and kind of like him. But he imagines that maybe I am a lesbian and that I don't even like guys. So he envisions a scene between DoLorian and I. This is probably my favorite scene. We do it on top of and around the industrial washing machines. There is water and soap suds everywhere. And there is a bubble machine blowing bubbles on us. There were bubbles everywhere. And it is also my second anal scene ever. It was so much fun and there is really a story to the movie. It is really dialogue heavy. But the great thing is that I have 4 sex scenes in it. Which  is unheard of. The one with Chris, the one with DoLorian and then I have a sex scene with Scott (Brad) after we go out on a date, of course, we have sex. And then there is another thing where we have phone sex and it is really cool because we did a split screen where you can see him and I talking together and then we cut to the sex which is a masturbation blow-job scene. Then call waiting starts beeping and it is my mother so I have to leave. It is going to be SO good.

What is the status of your action figure?

jessica drake - I actually just brought that up the other day. They are in the works. Or so I am told.

What is up with your toy line?

jessica drake - Oh my God my toy line is just starting to come out. I have two toys that have been on the market for a while. Which are the "Pulsating and Vibrating Climaxer" and "Vibrating Bunny teaser". I am pretty sure that 3 more are going to be released soon. I don't know when my pussy and my ass are going to be out but I have done the moldings for those and shot the box cover as well.

If memory serves me this last one was your first Adult Entertainment Expo as a Wicked Girl. What was that like?

jessica drake - Phenomenal. It was just amazing. There are not words to describe how great the experience was. There is something to be said to walk into a huge convention hall and see HUGE posters of yourself. I have to tell myself to keep walking because I want to just stand under one and jump up and down going "That's me. That's me." But I have to be really cool.

What is it with Wicked Girls and animals?

jessica drake - What do you mean? I never touched that sheep. That sheep is lying. :) I don't really have an answer except that maybe we are just really kind, loving and nurturing people

i.e. sucker for sad little eyes?

jessica drake - Yeah. I take in strays.

How do you spell "woobie"?

jessica drake - W-O-O-B-I-E. Do you have one?

No. What is a "woobie"?

jessica drake - A woobie is something I have had for a really really long time. And when I first got into the business I would bring mine with me to the set all the time. Then I started giving them as gifts. There is a make-up artist named Shelby Stevens I gave her a baby blue woobie. I gave Stormy a woobie though she has a really cool one of her own now. My woobie now is gray but on Highway my woobie had penguins on it. If you haven't figured it out by now my woobie is a security blanket. It goes everywhere. When we shot Highway out in the desert it was 35 degrees. I was wearing a mini-skirt and cowboy boots in the rain so you need the woobie.

Now that you are in your second year as a Wicked girl what do you think?

jessica drake - It is everything I thought it would be and then some. I have been so well taken care of that I am amazed. They are so consistent with me. The quality of product and everything is just amazing.

What is the fan response like to your Wicked movies?

jessica drake - They are really giving me a lot of positive feedback on them. The quality I am sure has a lot to do it. It is just great to go on the road and know you have product that you can depend on. The audio is good the menu's are great.

Have you ever used your femine wiles to get out of a traffic ticket?

jessica drake - Yes. Too many times to mention here. I have show my tits. One time I had on a skirt and I pulled it up a little. That was in Texas though. Here I have only done it once and it didn't work.

Well Evan caved and let you get the motorcycle but does he let you have a gun?

jessica drake - There really is no right way for me to answer this. I plead the 5th. Though I will say my aim is really good.

How do you keep your figure by eating McRib sandwiches and Chocolate meringue pie?

jessica drake - Are you spying on me? I am blessed with a high metabolism and I am going to a new gym now. I do a lot of cardio and a little bit of weights. **jessica proudly displays her arm muscles**

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