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Julia Ann - January 2003

Julia Ann AEE 2003

Okay let's start off with an easy one.

Julia Ann - Oh No! How did you get into the business?


Julia Ann - Thank God because we did this last year.

One of the people here at Wicked told me that Wicked Pictures is a concept that not everyone could understand or contribute to. How do you think you contribute to the concept that is Wicked Pictures?

Julia Ann - Oh my god. Do you really have to answer that yourself? I could tell the simple facts. You know each one of the girls tries to be reliable and professional. I really don't know how to explain that because it seems like you would have to "pat yourself on the back" to do that and I am not very good at that. So I think the best way to do it is to look at our new promo. In our new promo they decided what exemplifies each one of us. They considered Devinn to be "devilish and cheeky" and a few other words that were wonderful. It was a very nice piece on her. Then you had Stormy who was "fiery and a Louisiana girl". They basically showed the differences between the two And then they had me who they said was a "reachable" which I though was nice because a lot of girls don't seem reachable to the fans and I would like to think that I am. I don't remember the rest of it but I thought it did a very good job of describing what each of us brought to the company. Even when I was talking to Steve about signing they were looking for women who would support their company. They really wanted business women who were sexy and reliable and I would like to think that is what they got.

When I was doing research for this interview I noticed that a lot of your pre-Wicked stuff referred to you as the "other half of Blondage". Does that bother you?

Julia Ann - No, no because sometimes when I see Janine they do the same thing to her. It seems like whoever they are talking to is the "other half" so it doesn't bother me at all.

I was listening to the commentary on Turning Point and Jonathan Morgan said you hated being referred to as "Ms. Bags-o-Fun".

Julia Ann - He is referring to my breasts but you know what I only take it to heart because I know it is not just my nickname. If it was only me he referred to that way then I might enjoy it but I know that I am only one of hundreds of "bags-o-fun" that he is talking about.

In a movie like Hercules where you have to interact directly with the camera is that harder to do then a normal movie?

Julia Ann - Not really. I host a show on Playboy and our entire script is prompter so I am used to looking directly into the camera and talking to it. It is becoming habit at this point.

What show do you host on Playboy?

Julia Ann - Naughty Amateur Home Videos. It is like on it's 8th or 9th season and I am on my 4th season on the show. I am the longest running host they have had. They can't get rid of me. I am like locusts.

Class Act featured a lot of one on one just you and the camera with you trying to look sexy.

Julia Ann - What is with the "trying" thing?

Do you have trouble doing that?

Julia Ann - I have been doing it for 11 years so at this point I am used to it but I do get the feeling that I am sometimes doing the same thing over and over again. So I am always trying to figure out what new things I can branch out and try to do so they aren't going "oh that is Julia doing the same pose in a different outfit."

Why didn't you like the hat in Turning Point?

Julia Ann - I didn't like the hat? I probably thought it made me look like a leprechaun. I thought it made me look silly.

Do you not like to look silly?

Julia Ann - Only if I am getting paid a lot more money. :) Just kidding. You know I don't mind looking silly if it is a comedy but that didn't seem like a comedy to me.

Does it bother you when people print your real name when talking about you?

Julia Ann - Well my real name is Julia Ann but I was in a Playboy pictorial years ago in which I used my real name. There are post cards and posters out there with my real name on the bottom so no. The only reason I dropped my last name is that I thought it would be too difficult. I mean Janine had so many problems with Lindemulder. It was Lindemuller more often then anything. The few times I did use it they just always got it wrong so I just got tired of hearing people mispronounce it so I just stopped using it.

10 years from now when people are sitting down to talk about your career how would you like to be remembered?

Julia Ann - By fans or by peers?


Julia Ann - By my peers I would like them to remember me as supportive. I have made it a point to be supportive of every new girl who came in regardless of whether they wanted to do a 500 man gang bang or if she wanted to be the next diva. Regardless of that I wanted to be supportive. I have even had a few of them come back later and thank me because they didn't expect a contract girl to be supportive or nice or personable. I am the mother. That is what people say. I am the mother of the group. I want everybody to be successful and happy. As far as my fans go I want to be reachable. I want them to not ever see isn't like I have never had a bad day and no one has ever seen it but I don't want anybody to ever say "oh, I tried to get her autograph one day and she is such a bitch." I don't want that. I don't want them to think that I am the type that is like oh you have brought all these magazines that you have spent your money on, that you have organized and hauled all across the country to get me to sign them and I am only going to sign one thing because I don't have time for you. I don't want people to think that. I want them to know that I took the time and spoke to them. That I signed everything they ever collected and took every picture they ever asked for.

I have noticed that while Wicked is a condom only company that it is becoming more apparent. It is no longer the magical disappearing condom. Are you for that?

Julia Ann - I have always been condom only but it makes more sense to show it being used unless you are using condoms that are so transparent and pink that you can't tell they are being used. There have been movies that I have seen that it is very hard to tell. I know that there are people in this industry like Michael Raven who recently told AVN that he was not going to be the one to tell people they had to use condoms. That it was a personal choice. I am the exact opposite I don't think that it is a personal choice since we have made this a legitimate business. Now this is definitely my views and not Wicked's but I believe that once you are involved in this industry that we have fought for years to make into a legitimate business that you have a responsibility to the people in it. Whether it is contractors who have to wear hard hats or policemen who have to wear bulletproof vests, etc. Every business has some regulations on what people have to wear in order to protect themselves and I don't see that we are any different. I think that we should protect ourselves and one another.

Do you think that is realistic? That the industry as a whole would do that?

Julia Ann - I don't necessarily think that it is realistic because we have to many rebels and a lot of the performers are young and still live for the moment. I wish it was though because I don't want to see anybody get hurt or anybody to die. I don't like the thought that people think that people think that if you act friviously with your body you deserve to catch something and that is just sad. I wish that we could actually take a stand for one another but we are too busy thinking about our own asses. Unfortunately not in the right way. Because if we were really thinking about our own asses we would all be using condoms. There are gentlemen out there who can't work with them in the industry then maybe they are in the wrong business.

One of my obligatory sexual questions here. Facial cum shots...I get the impression from watching your movies that you don't like them but you do them, why?

Julia Ann - It isn't that I don't like them it is the fact a that I always think I am going to get shot in the eye. You know what I have to tell you. I don't know unless most men have had the unfortunate accident of jacking off and pointing it in the wrong direction. Then you just don't understand what it is like to have eyelashes on, mascara and eye liner and get shot in the eye. And then have someone say to you "oh great now her eye is red and we have to fix her make-up and do still shots.". I don't have any problem with facial shots at all. In my personal life it is a non-issue. But then again in my personal life I am not trying to get enough distance between me and him to get the camera angle and not knowing where he is aiming.

A lot of movies seem to be using a strong S/M theme along with sex which back when you and I first started was strictly taboo. What do you think of that trend?

Julia Ann - I have no problem with S/M and sex being together. I think that is reality. As long as everything is consensual I have no problem with what people do.

Evan Stone is no longer under contract so when are you going to do a scene with him?

Julia Ann - :) (laughing). Didn't you ask this question last time?

I did but he was under contract so he could not work with you but now he isn't so...

Julia Ann - I don't know my list is already made and it is to the end of the page. :)

You have a little heart tattoo, what is the story behind that?

Julia Ann - No story really. I went into the tattoo parlor to check on one of my designs and it wasn't ready and I felt like getting stuck with a needle. (Laughing) And I had a little mole there. Someone had told me that I should make that into a tattoo like Marie Antoinette so I told them to make it into a little black heart. But everyone who has a tattoo knows that they are a little addictive so I don't feel weird saying I wanted to get stuck.

You seem to be cast in a lot of movies as the aggressive female...

Julia Ann - And I don't know why.

Is that the real you?

Julia Ann - No, I don't know why. Okay not as much as Hercules . Hercules was much, MUCH more hostile than I am. It was really hard for me to do. I am sneaky angry. You know like there are people who are angry and you can just tell that they are seething but they don't necessarily yell at you. They say something completely condescending that just rips every bit of your character to shreds? That would be me. I don't like to scream and yell, puff out cigarettes and point at people and go off the hook. That was what Hera was and that was really hard for me to do. In "Wicked Whispers" I wasn't that aggressive in one of my persona's but in that one they made me crazy which they also tend to do a lot. Which is another thing I am having issues with. Actually Steve O. and I had a conversation about that. He wasn't sure about the way we might be making me look. He wasn't sure he wanted people to see me as bitchy, nasty, woman. And again in a project we have coming up I am a bitchy, nasty woman in a movie we are doing called "Beautiful".

Which brings up the question which one are you...Beautiful or Nasty?

Julia Ann - That would be Beautiful/Nasty. You know I think the point of the story is that it is in the eye of the beholder.

What do you like most about the industry?

Julia Ann - The friendliness. We have a lot of friendliness and I like that. This is the best week of the year. We all get together and visit people that I like but we don't have the type of relationship where you would call each other up on the phone and go out necessarily. But it is wonderful. I got to see Teri Weigel today who I haven't seen in a while. She comes up and tells me that I look beautiful and she looks great. It is so amazing to see and you get those hugs that you just don't get in other businesses. People aren't as friendly. You have sex with each other and it opens up a whole new door. And then every time you see each other you are huggy and kissy. While most of the time you have sex with someone when you are not together and you see them later you don't like each other. But here it isn't like that and I think that it is a fabulous thing.

What is the thing you like least about the industry?

Julia Ann - I don't have to think about that one. The back-biting and the politics. Which is completely contradictory to the before statement but again it is not all of us. There are cliques.

How long did you study the piano?

Julia Ann - You know my Grandmother taught me. I probably played until I was 12 and moved away from the piano. So what little work I was doing there in front of the piano was my running back to my Grandmothers house the day before and brushing up on things because everything I played sitting there...I was missing notes.

Do you have a piano in your house?

Julia Ann - I don't but we just bought a house in late May so I think I am going to have to get one.

Most people perceive you as being a classy, refined lady...

Julia Ann - *cough*Bullshit*cough*

Is that the real you?

Julia Ann - You know some people say so. I have a lot of sides. Part of me sits around the house in sweats with my hair up. I don't necessarily call it high class. I call it manners and etiquette that I think everyone should have. I picked up a lot from the women in my family. I am still close enough to my grandmother and great grandmother that it became a part of me. I tend to enjoy etiquette. Though I am more like a diet coke and a Domino's pizza.

Any new pets?

Julia Ann - No, Katie was the last one. Although we went to Texas and on our way there we stopped at a gas station on an Indian Reservation at 1:00am in the morning. There were all these loose dogs but we were still on our way someplace but I was tortured that I had to go off and leave these dogs. So I made it a point on the way back to stop off there during the day time so I could feed and water them. Two of them wouldn't come near me, one of them would. I was tortured for days afterwards that I didn't take him with me. But I told myself then that if he came to the car and got in he was coming with me but if he went back to his friends then he was obviously going to stay and he chose to stay.

What projects have you done since we last talked?

Julia Ann - Porn Star directed by Brad Armstrong which again I play a bitchy role. I think it was loosely based on the Catherine Zeta-Jones role in American Sweethearts. I play a mainstream actress that wants to blow everyone away with a groundbreaking performance so she agrees to play a porn star in a movie. The best part of this movie. I had to do interviews. And these interviews are not scripted they were just off the cuff interviews with Stormy, Nicole, Voodoo, Aria and Barett Blade. I do all these extreme interviews with these people. They are asking me why would you get into porn, etc and Nicole is going off on "Are my breasts real?". She is trying to get me to do anal. And you totally see me because I didn't expect this. And it just this wonderful slapstick thing going on that you just must see.

I heard you were starting a company. Tell me about it.

Julia Ann - Michael Raven and I started a new DVD authoring and editing company called A18 Media Group. We are going to be DVD authoring and editing for various companies as well as Michael's own work because we want to control it. Because often these directors have a vision and it has to be edited a certain way and then for the DVD he wants the art work to look a certain way. So it was just simpler to do it ourselves. He is creative control and I am the books.

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