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Inari Vachs 2003 AEE

You know it is strange that I can't remember the first time I ever meet Inari. I could probably go back through the last 12 years worth of photographs and figure it out but the date escapes me at the moment. The one definitive memory I have of her is from the first Erotica LA I went to. I ran into her in the lobby and she waved at me. Now why she remembers me and from where I will probably never know but when a woman this stunning remembers you..well let's just say it tends to make an impression.

Inari's career is one that while only 6 years long has definitely left a mark on the adult industry. She is one of the select few women who can pull off an award worthy acting performance in movies like Wicked Pictures "Euphoria" while also tearing up the screen with scorching performances in such gonzo classics as "Whack Attack" and numerous movies for Anabolic Video all the while being equally at home in such visually stunning movies as Andrew Blakes "Aroused". In an industry where each woman tends to try and find her niche and stick to it Inari has shown that she can do anything she puts her mind to. And that she can do it all equally well.

If you had to sum up Inari in one word after meeting her I would have to choose the word "bubbly". She is constantly on the move and has a perpetual happiness about her which seems to infect all of those around her. She is also extremely intelligent and opinionated once you get her going. I got the chance to sit down and talk to her about her career and her plans for the future while she was dancing at the Spearmint Rhino in Rialto.

Tell me about the latest DVD's you have out right now?

Inari Vachs - The latest DVD will soon be available from my new company, Inari Vachs Multimedia, Inc! It is entitled, Fuck, Rock, and Ride. I'm very excited about this series because it's definitely the first of it's kind. This particular series is the creation of my partner, Christian D. Angel (Director of Skate Trixxx I&II) and it focuses on a different extreme sport with each volume. There's original music from talented artist from around the country brought together with hilarious skit comedy. The first one focuses on snowboarding and co-hosting the movie with me is pioneer and legend, Shawn Farmer. The musical artists highlighted in this one are I.G.M., Industrial Ghetto Metal out of Memphis, Jusic and E.O.W. (End of the Weak) out of New York's hip hop underground. I.G.M. is made up of 2 talented guys, Heath and Jonathan who have been creating music together for 11 years. They mix hard heavy metal with a dark hip hop beat. It's definitely innovative and I'm glad to be putting it out there. Jusic brings together a funky, jazzy, melodic groove to a classic hip hop beat. E.O.W. hosts the longest running open mic in NY history and they bring us sick beats and mad flows to the project. I'm not sure what to be most proud of on this project, the technical quality, it's originality or it's uniqueness. It's a fun project pretty much marketed to the 18-35 year olds. It's eclectic entertainment that's not going to insult people who want fun porn. It's pornography that makes you feel good. And I've always said, if it gets you off or makes you laugh it's a success, and if it does both, than there's your cherry!

Who is distributing that? Or are you distributing that?

Inari Vachs - You know actually we are in negotiations with a couple of people right now so I really can't say since we are not signed on the dotted line. But it is going to be big. In the next three months for sure expect to see a gigantic ad campaign for it.

Are you going to do day/date release for all your stuff?

Inari Vachs - We are definitely going to be doing day/date releases on our titles. There is a special set-up we are looking at for the DVD that I don't really want to talk about yet. There will defiantly be some limited releases of each but we haven't exactly decided on how we are going to do that yet.

What other lines do you have coming out?

Inari Vachs - The next two projects we're working on are "girly" projects entitled: Rave Girlz and Puck's Pajama Party. Rave Girlz is a collaboration with a promotion company out of New York. The Village Voice named them the best party promoters in NY this year. We filmed very large parties with them in NY and South Beach recently for the meat of the production. With the party footage and interviews with the DJ's , we'll also include an original soundtrack wrapped around a barrage of hot ladies. Puck's Pajama Party is also a "party in a box!" We're hosting an all girl pajama party with hot ladies from the porn industry, my favorite dancers from around the country and special guests personally invited by Puck and Director, CD Angel from a "man on the street segment" introducing the upcoming event. Again, more originality!

Many consider you one of the most talented and popular adult actresses working yet you have never had a contract. Why is that?

Inari Vachs - First I'd like to thank those of you hold the opinion that's brought me to my present place of success! I've never had a contract because there's never been one presented to me that I felt was worthy. I enjoy owning my own likeness and in many cases a contract means that company owns your name. I may not have had as many promotional opportunities in the earlier stages of my career as my contracted peers, however I have a lot in store for my future to make up for it!

Your first movie was with Max Hardcore back in 1997. Would you still work with him today if you were just entering the business?

Inari Vachs - Would I do it again?

Not based on what he was shooting then what he is shooting right now?

Inari Vachs - He has gotten a lot harder. I would have to probably say no.

You have been married over 12 years which is a long time for anyone much less someone who is in the adult business what is your secret?

Inari Vachs - Well to put a whole new spin on that question. The relationship of 12 years actually split up. But in all fairness to the adult industry I have to say that I don't feel that the downfall came because of it. As in all relationships if you are not honest with yourself in regards to how you feel about a person or how you feel about yourself then inevitably you are going to drift apart. That is essentially what happened. It is a tragic story ...there is so much to say about that whole scenario. I could not have been as successful in this industry if I did not have a supportive counterpart so that was always very important. But at the same time when you have a personal and business life like that you have to be able to keep everything very balanced.

Sorry. I didn't mean to..

Inari Vachs - Oh not at all. It certainly is not a bad thing. I certainly feel more empowered and I certainly learned a lot from that situation. And I am very happy with who I am and where I am today. And the opportunities given to me at this point. I feel good.

So on the positive side I can tell everyone you are single again?

Inari Vachs - Oh but I am not. :) My business partner at present is very important in my life. He completes me in ways I can't describe and I think that everyone should be happy for me!!

Give me 5 words that describe you as a person.

Inari Vachs - Oh this must be a trick question. Definitely "silly". In no particular order these 5 words. Silly, Health Conscious, Considerate - sometimes way more than I consider myself, Loving... I don't know what to say...**laughing** I am blushing. I guess "eccentric" would be a good word to say or "eclectic" but then we are going to 6.

Explain to me your stance on "forced sex" scenarios in videos?

Inari Vachs - You know this is kind of a fine line for me because in one aspect I feel that sexual expression is very very important from the lines of fantasizing and role playing about being little children to forced sex scenes. I think there is a place in the sexual psychology for fantasy but at the same time coercion in a scenario that isn't fully willing isn't necessarily a good thing. Though understand that there is a big difference between reality and fantasy. The woman must always be genuinely "into" a situation to let the situation be acceptable. There is such a fine line in between the two. I don't know if I can give you any one sided stance there. I think that it would depend on the scenario specifically as to whether it is good or bad/right or wrong. And even then those words are so abstract it is really kind of hard to say. I mean I have had a scenario in one of my scenes that depicted something that was forced and I still go back in my head a little bit about how I feel about that but overall I guess that ...I certainly don't regret anything that I have done. Because if you are happy with where you are today you really can't regret anything you have done. With that being said..Inari Vachs Multimedia will not participate in the degradation or humiliation of any person.

How many people do you meet who know what Andrew Vachs's writes about?

Inari Vachs - Surprisingly enough a lot of people. There is a few people who know but every now and then I get a person who has read more of his books then I have. So it is really cool to sit down talk to them and get their stance on who he is and what he is about.

So not many people bring up a possible correlation with what he writes about and the average opinion of where a porn star comes from?

Inari Vachs - Not too many. I think that only one guy ever discussed me with the correlation between the two and like the "Burke novels" and stuff like that.

You have said that you will be in the adult industry forever. Will you always be a performer or do you have something else in mind?

Inari Vachs - I will not always be a performer and although I still believe to this day that I will always be a part of it one way or the other and will be as supportive as I can. But I am planning on being a mom and I know that once I am in the mode of being a mother it will be too difficult for me personally to cross over and also be an adult star at that point. Hats off to the women who go out there and are sexual vixens and still being moms at home! I just don't feel that is something I can do. The dichotomy is too great for me to handle, personally.

You have said you get some strange requests from fans. What do you consider a strange request?

Inari Vachs - Oh I don't know if I should elaborate. I don't want to offend any of these people.

Just because you say a request is strange doesn't necessarily mean bad.

Inari Vachs - This is true. I think that dirty panties, no wait the strangest thing yet is that someone asked to drink my bath water. That would definitely be the strangest request I have gotten but strangely enough that was before I became a porn star. More recently there was this gentleman who wanted to make sure I wouldn't forget him - and it worked! He asked me to spit on his head in a polaroid!

What are your favorite DVD's that you are in?

Inari Vachs - I now have to say that my new favorite would be Fuck Rock and Ride!!!! I'm so proud of this project!!! But to give props to others, I would have to say that I enjoy the ones I did for Andrew Blake. They are "Pin-ups 2" and "Aroused". They are just so visually appealing and sexy and erotic. I like those a lot. But I get a lot of good feed back from a lot of the gonzo stuff that I have done as well, so I guess it is anyone's preference. People will always ask me what my favorite stuff is out there and I am like, my opinion doesn't matter, it is whatever you are into. Are you into girl/girl stuff are you into guy/girl stuff are you into interracial are you into straight are you into gonzo are you into story line? When I go down the line I realize that I have done just about everything and it gives so many people a little bit more too choose from . I definitely give the people variety!

What is your take on interracial scenes and a performers choice on whether to do them or not? And whether that has any reflection on the performers beliefs?

Inari Vachs - You know the "interracial dilemma" has always gotten to me because the industry standard, for a while, which really angered me, was that it was okay for a white guy to do an ethnic girl but if a black guy did a white girl it was "ooh freaky," taboo! . I didn't understand where that came from and also too people would forget that interracial means asian it means hispanic it means many different things not just black and white. The industry has so many (quadruple) standards on things it just doesn't make sense. In regards to ...oh! I don't think people should judge, first and foremost. And if you don't want to do interracial scenes is really your own preference and if you don't want to watch it don't watch it. Chances are they have something out there that you will like. If you like interracial then whatever. What are the stances people are taking on this?

It started out because Stormy made a comment that she had promised her mother she wouldn't do an interracial scene. They are from Baton Rouge. And that was her mother's one thing she supported her going into adult she just didn't want her to do interracial scenes.

Inari Vachs - And that is a valid statement and no one should get mad at her for that. She is respecting her families wishes. She is not saying she is not going to do interracial because she doesn't like black people she is saying she is respecting her families wishes and I think that should be perfectly acceptable. And if people want to down her for that well then they have no respect or love for their family because you have to have some honor involved in what you do.

What are your goals for 2003?

Inari Vachs - We're working hard to finish as many new projects as feasibly possible though IV Multimedia. We'll continue developing innovative marketing for all of our new ideas and continue with my dance tours. I plan to stay on top of my present website and finish the changes to my specifications. We're in the process of developing a few new websites, as well. I am on a 4-5 year plan right now, working towards that goal 24/7 with my partner. Simply, we are just making it all happen. We are building an empire :)

Your web site is

Inari Vachs - Yes it is and is what we are working on as well as

I would like to thank Inari for taking the time to sit down and talk to me and Steph at Adult DVD Talk for making all of this possible. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to e-mail me at:

Bernard Pivot Questionnaire

What is your favorite word?

Inari Vachs - Changes.

What is your least favorite word?

Inari Vachs - I am going to remember this tonight when I am falling to sleep tonight. I don't know right now I am sorry.

What turns you on?

Inari Vachs - Lots of things turn me on. Sometimes it could be the scent of a cologne or a perfume. It could be a brush up against the skin. It could be a movement of the body. Subtle things turn me on more than blatant obvious gestures.

What turns you off?

Inari Vachs - Bad odors. Definitely. Uneducated minds. Ignorance definitely turns me off.

What sound do you love?

Inari Vachs - The sound of the ocean. The sound of a sax-a-phone.

What sound or noise do you hate?

Inari Vachs - There is a. ..I think it is like a Delta V wave that you can hear humming. Like a pitch of a electronics that you can't figure out where it is coming from.

What is your favorite curse word?

Inari Vachs - Cock sucker, or cock suck mother fuck I say both often.

What profession would you like to attempt other than your own?

Inari Vachs - I don't know. I guess I would have to think about that. I have been so focused on doing what I am doing now I don't know if I have the capacity to do anything else. I know I'll go back to school when my children do, if not before...and although I may not have an interest in another profession per se, I still plan to study in the fields of sport medicine, psychology, music and art history ...eventually! :)

What profession would you not like to participate in?

Inari Vachs - I would not want to be a flight attendant.

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Inari Vachs - **laughing** God I have no idea. That question really threw me. **laughing** How about.."you are welcome my wayward one".


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