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Erotica L.A. 2006 - Sinsation Pictures

Sinsation Pictures

Some of you may be asking yourself what any company, much less a new one, has to do in order to get a page dedicated to them on a web site that is all about the performers. The answer is rather simple. First off you have to put out good movies and then you have to surround yourself with female talent that is not only beautiful but in many ways exceptional. And with the likes of Kimberly Kane, Brooke and Mika Tan representing them Sinsation Pictures managed to do just that.

Unfortunately for me, but fortunate for them, they succeeded all to well. Paul, the owner of Sinsation Pictures, had this to say about the show:

"This was our first year at Erotica LA and we were very pleased with the attendance. Mika, Brooke, and Kimberly all did a fantastic job and were very attentive to their fans needs. Signing autographs, posing for polaroids, and answering questions, they had long, steady lines every day and helped very much in promoting Sinsation Picture's titles and name."

Since their booth was almost always surrounded by fans I had to keep my conversations with the women brief in order to not cause a riot. But I would like to thank Kimberly and Mika for taking the time to talk to me.

Strap On Club Box CoverWhat have you done for Sinsation Pictures?

Kimberly - I am in Strap-On Club (not released yet) with Brooke and I am also in Anal Sinsations with Felix Vicious and Michelle Sweet.

Were you the top or bottom in those movies?

Kimberly - We all do anal in Anal Sinsations but I think I was more dominant in that one. In Strap-on Club I was meant to be submissive. It was a theme. I was trying to get into the club and Brooke was the chick running the show.

I read some where that you stopped doing boy-girl scenes for a while?

Kimberly - I did for 4 months.

Most of your scenes were girl-girl any way so why stop?

Kimberly - Because I don't want to get sick of it and at the time I was sick of it. And I am not going to do it if I don't like it and so I stopped. And then when I felt horny and wanting to do it again I started again. And I think that is healthy.

Why are you one "bad-ass muther-fuckin' chick"?

Kimberly - I don't know ask AVN. They seem to think I am bad-ass or something. Which is great.

The line of fans is starting to back-up so I get Kimberly to promise to let me continue this interview at a later date and let her get back to work.

Asian Sinsations Box CoverOkay tell me about Asian Sinsations.

Mika - Asian Sinsations is one of the best combinations of asian whores that you are going to find right now. It just came out three days ago so I am hoping it is going to do good. I just remember having a really really good time. I mean how can anyone complain. It is fucking Evan and Syren man. Fucking sexual dynamos.

You are obviously in a scene with Evan and Syren (it is playing on the screen in front of us). What else did you do in this movie?

Mika - That is pretty much it. Evan was introducing all the scenes so I was just actually one of the little playthings they threw out there. From what I remember I think we turned it into an anal scene even though I was only booked for vag cause he just made me horny.

Evan has a way of doing that.

Mika - Yes he does. And look at Syren holy crap.

So how has the show been here at the Sinsation Pictures booth?

Mika - Pretty good, pretty good. I have to control myself because I have gotten in trouble twice.

For what?

Mika - I grabbed a fans crotch for a picture because I was goofing off. So now they are saying I can keep it there over it but I can't touch it. Which is okay. And the other thing is that I picked up another fan. I picked up this guy up over my shoulders and started pretending to give him a blow job. But he was really lite so it was kind of cool.

And you got in trouble both of those?

Mika - They said " You are not allowed to pick up the fans like that. You might drop them and we will get sued".

But they can pick you up and that is okay?

Mika - No they said no picking up at all. I have done that before but I don't know. Maybe they had an accident. Heights and stilettos don't mix.

So how has the show been overall for you?

Mika - It has been great. Actually I was not expecting to have this many fans especially on Sunday but it has been really busy.

Well they had to go to church first.

Mika - Repent first.

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